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SAWAYA Kimuraen Whole Catechin Deep Steamed Kakegawa Green tea 100g x 17 pcs

SAWAYA Kimuraen Whole Catechin Deep Steamed Kakegawa Green tea 100g x 17 pcs


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・Blend of first picked tea and second picked tea
・Recommended as everyday tea
・This class of tea is the most popular in Japan.

With 1700g of tea leaves, the total weight of the package will be less than 2kg.
When shipping overseas, we recommend sending items under 2kg as this will be cheaper. If the total weight of the package is 2 kg, you can use Japan Post's airmail small packages of 2 kg or less and Yamato International Courier Service of 2 kg or less. Both are recommended shipping methods as they are inexpensive.

This deep-steamed tea from Kakegawa City has won the most awards in Japan in the deep-steamed tea category of the National Tea Fair, which is held every year in Japan.
Brought to you by Kimuraen Co., Ltd., which has been making tea for generations in Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Our most popular green tea is cheap and delicious, perfect for everyday use.
Deeply steamed tea is popular for its refreshing sweetness and deep flavor.
The delicate flavor of the soft new buds has been carefully crafted.

Delivery method: Japan: Courier (Yamato Transport) / Overseas: Small broadcast (with registered mail) / EMS / Yamato International Courier
Raw material name: Tea (tea leaves)
Inner amount: 1700g (set of 17 100g pieces)
Shelf life: 1 year
Place of Origin: Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan
Manufacturer: Kimuraen Co., Ltd. 2083 Shimotaragi, Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture Phone: 0120-203118
Storage method: Avoid high temperatures and humidity, and be careful of the scent. Please drink as soon as possible after opening.
Total weight of the package when packed: 2 kg or less
This tea is a safe and secure tea made in compliance with Japan's Food Sanitation Law and Pesticide Control Law. However, safety standards differ from country to country, so there is a possibility that the product may not meet the safety standards of countries other than Japan. If you are ordering from overseas, please purchase at your own risk.

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