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Chawaya Kimuraen Benifuki Tea Tea Bags 1.5g x 100 Free Shipping

Chawaya Kimuraen Benifuki Tea Tea Bags 1.5g x 100 Free Shipping


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Chabenifukicha, which is popular during the pollen season, is cultivated and manufactured to have a high content of methylated catechins, a type of catechin that makes tea bitter, so it is extremely bitter! It tastes like a very bitter bancha. The bitter taste contains methylated catechin, but if you are concerned about the bitter taste, we recommend diluting it with plenty of boiling water and drinking it. please.
Our Benifuki tea is purchased from one tea farmer in Kagoshima Prefecture. This tea farmer is a very dedicated farmer who has been working on cultivating Benifuuki from an early stage, having adopted Benifuuki seedlings from the Tea Industry Experiment Station.
It is 100% ``genuine Benifuki tea''.
Put 1 tea bag (1.5g) in 150ml to 250ml of hot or cold water, let it sit for 2 to 3 minutes if using hot water, or 1 to 2 hours if using water, then brew and drink.
You can drink 2 or 3 brews.

Product name: Benifukicha tea bag
Raw materials: tea
Origin of raw materials: Kagoshima Prefecture
Contents: (150g) 1.5gx100 pieces
Storage method: Store in a cool, dark place, avoiding high temperatures and humidity.

In order to deliver as many high-quality tea leaves as possible at a low price, we purposely use tea bags that do not have zippers. When storing, please transfer it to a tea can.
Tea bags are packed into every corner of the bag. When opening the bag, please be careful not to cut the tea bag inside with scissors.

[How to make delicious Benifukicha tea bags]
・For a mug bottle of about 300ml: 1 tea bag is the standard. By carefully brewing the tea in ice water for several hours, you can enjoy tea with less bitterness.
・1 liter bottle: Approximately 3 tea bags. We recommend cold brewing while chilling in the refrigerator. You can enjoy fragrant hojicha without any unpleasant taste.
・If you use a teapot, pour hot water directly and drink. A guideline is 1 to 2 tea bags. When brewing, shake the teapot well to dissolve the tea leaves.
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