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Powdered Tea Ichibancha 50g Set of 10 Free Shipping

Powdered Tea Ichibancha 50g Set of 10 Free Shipping


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We only use first-class tea produced in Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture, which has won the production area award.
Enjoy the refreshing flavor of high-quality deep steamed tea.

Raw materials: tea
Origin of raw materials: Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Manufactured tea: Kimuraen Co., Ltd./2083 Shimotaragi, Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture/Telephone: 0120-203118
Contents: 50g x 10 pieces = 500g
Best before date 365 days

<Good points of powdered tea>
●You can drink a lot even with a small amount of tea leaves.
●No waste tea leaves and no need to clean up afterwards.
●You can ingest 100% of the whole catechin.
●Easily dissolve and drink with either cold or hot water.
●Powdered tea has less bitterness and is easier to drink because the strong bitterness of catechins is wrapped in the tissue of crushed tea leaves.

[If the powder becomes lumpy and difficult to dissolve in hot water]
Chawaka Kimuraen's powdered tea is ground in a ceramic mill and has a particle size that is almost the same as matcha. Since it is in powder form, it may be difficult to dissolve in hot water.
In particular, because the inside of the tea bag is deaerated, the powdered tea may become tightly packed. In this state, the tea leaves may become lumpy and difficult to dissolve in hot water.
In such a case, after opening, close the zipper with a little air in it and rub the bag, or stir inside the bag with clean chopsticks. (Please be careful not to scatter the powdered tea.)
If you make the powdered tea fluffy and smooth, I think it will dissolve more easily in hot water.

[How to save]
The expiration date is one year, but if stored at room temperature, the flavor will deteriorate within a few weeks.
To keep it fresh, store it in the freezer before opening, and use it up as soon as possible after opening. If you cannot use it right away, store the amount you will use right away at room temperature and the rest in the refrigerator.
*When taking out the tea leaves from the refrigerator or freezer, if you open the tea leaves while they are still cold, the quality of the tea leaves will deteriorate significantly due to condensation, so please let them return to room temperature before opening them.

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