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Chawaya Hojicha tea bags 2.5g 100 bags

Chawaya Hojicha tea bags 2.5g 100 bags


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High-quality tea leaves from Shizuoka Prefecture are roasted to create a fragrant roasted green tea.
You can enjoy the authentic taste of hojicha with either cold or hot water.
We have kept the cost of packaging materials to a minimum, and are particular about the quality of the tea leaves.
These tea bags allow you to fully enjoy delicious tea leaves.

Product name: Hojicha tea bag
Raw materials: tea
Origin of raw materials: Shizuoka Prefecture
Contents: (250g) 2.5gx100 pieces
Storage method: Store in a cool, dark place, avoiding high temperatures and humidity.

In order to deliver as many high-quality tea leaves as possible, our tea bags do not have zippers. When storing, please transfer it to a tea can.
Tea bags are packed into every corner of the bag. When opening the bag, please be careful not to cut the tea bag inside with scissors.
[How to make delicious hojicha tea bags]
・500ml mug bottle: 1 tea bag is the standard. By slowly brewing the tea in iced water for several hours, you can enjoy a highly aromatic hojicha without any unpleasant tastes.
・1 liter bottle: 2 tea bags is the standard. We recommend cold brewing while chilling in the refrigerator. You can enjoy fragrant hojicha without any unpleasant taste.
・If you use a teapot, pour hot water directly and drink. A guideline is 1 to 2 tea bags.
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