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Chawaya Whole Catechin Deep Steamed Kakegawa Tea 100g x 3 bottles

Chawaya Whole Catechin Deep Steamed Kakegawa Tea 100g x 3 bottles


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Internal capacity
refill bag with zipper
Whole catechin deeply steamed Kakegawa tea
We will give you a refill bag for storing tea.
I did it again this year as I did last year. Received the Country of Origin Award at the National Tea Fair. We use 100% tea grown in Kakegawa City.
Kakegawa City receives the production area award almost every year, but this is truly amazing.
It is through the efforts of our farmers that we are able to deliver delicious tea that is second to none.

You can freely choose from 3 bottles of 2 different grades of tea.
[Normal category] 100g
It will be "Catemaru" as usual. A mellow first tea and a second tea rich in catechins. Chawaya's golden blend, with the exquisite flavor of first-grade tea and the bitterness of second-grade tea. [Upper category] 70g
Can be upgraded to 100% No.1 tea! This is a slightly delicious Ichibancha for everyday use. This delicate, soft-flavored tea is made from the first buds that sprout in early summer, and is perfect for serving as a gift or as a gift.

Deep steamed tea is popular for its refreshing sweetness and deep flavor.
The roasting is deliberately kept low, allowing the delicate flavor of the high-quality sprouts to shine through. We hope you enjoy the flavor of the original leaves themselves.

Chawaya Kimuraen is a small, family-run tea shop in Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture.
Originally we were a tea farmer, but now we mainly sell tea.
By procuring high-quality tea leaves carefully made by producers in Kakegawa City, and carrying out reprocessing, bagging, store operation, and shipping operations at low costs, we are able to deliver high-quality tea leaves at low prices and share tea with our customers. We strive to return as much profit as possible to farmers.

This product contains tea leaves equivalent to 3 bottles of Chawaya Kakegawa tea 300g for 2,980 yen with free shipping .

We also recommend the high-quality Sencha tasting set, 1,000 yen with free mail delivery.
[About delivery method]
The 3-piece set will be delivered by mail.
It is not possible to specify the arrival date and time.
Usually, the item will arrive within 1 to 4 days from the shipping date.
It will be mailed in A4 x 2-3cm thick size.
・If it does not fit in the post, it cannot be used.
・Leaving the tea in a post exposed to direct sunlight for a long time will damage the quality of the tea.

Other sets will be delivered by courier.

Kakegawa City announced the winners of the production area award.Click here for the award details and history.

<Characteristics of our tea: How to make it delicious>
100% Kakegawa deep steamed tea.
By steaming deep-steamed tea for a longer time than usual, the ingredients in the tea leaves dissolve more easily. Although it comes out in a deep green color, it has almost no astringency, has a refreshing taste, and is characterized by a lingering sweetness.
If you feel that the taste is weak, shake the teapot well during the brewing process to squeeze out the strong extract.
Deep steamed tea is tea that has been thoroughly steamed to the core, so it has less bitterness and unpleasant taste. Therefore, by extracting it quite strongly and drinking it, you can enjoy the rich flavor and rich catechin content.

[Please use a teapot for deep steamed tea]
Deep steamed tea has fine tea leaves, so if you use a regular teapot, the tea leaves will clog and you won't be able to brew delicious tea. For deep-steamed tea, please use a teapot specifically designed for deep-steamed tea, which is equipped with a larger tea strainer net than usual.
If you don't have a teapot for deeply steamed tea, you can put the tea leaves and cooled water in a bowl or other suitable size container, let it infuse, strain it through a tea strainer or strainer, and enjoy it deliciously. I think you can drink it.
As with black tea, the key to deliciousness is to allow the tea leaves to spread freely in the hot water. In particular, we do not recommend the Poco-net teapot.
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