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Large teapot, Tokoname ware, Obi mesh teapot for deep steamed tea, Shunju, 600cc, 5-6 cups, Tokoname ware

Large teapot, Tokoname ware, Obi mesh teapot for deep steamed tea, Shunju, 600cc, 5-6 cups, Tokoname ware


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Contents: 600cc
I think this size is perfect if 5 to 6 people are drinking tea together.
Obi net teapot: A teapot with a large band-shaped tea strainer net attached to the inside of the teapot body. Deep steamed tea can be brewed deliciously.
Tokoname ware
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In order to enjoy delicious tea, the shape of the teapot's tea strainer is very important.
[Two points] when choosing a good teapot

[1. Whether the tea leaves can spread freely in hot water]
・The flavor of green tea is delicate and deep. In order to bring out the maximum flavor, it is very important that the dried and strained tea leaves unravel naturally in hot water so that the tea components can be fully leached.
・We recommend a teapot with a tea strainer net so that the tea leaves can spread out as wide as possible compared to the interior space of the teapot body.
・Furthermore, a teapot that provides similar conditions regarding the amount of hot water is ideal. It is also important to be able to brew deliciously even with a small amount of hot water.

[2. Is the tea strainer net large enough?]
In recent years, deep steamed tea has become widely available. Our store also specializes in deep steamed tea.
Deep-steamed tea has fine tea leaves, so unless you use a teapot with a large mesh, it will clog and you won't be able to brew the tea. When using deep-steamed tea, please use a teapot with a large mesh for deep-steamed tea.
With a deep-steamed tea teapot, you can deliciously brew not only deep-steamed tea, but also powdered tea, gyokuro, high-grade sencha, regular sencha, bancha, stem tea, hojicha, and other types of Japanese tea.

There are many teapots on the market that cannot bring out the high-quality flavor of tea.
If you are going to use tea, we want you to enjoy it as deliciously as possible, so please use the above two points as a reference when choosing a teapot.

We also have teapots that allow you to enjoy deeply steamed tea.

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