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茶和家(さわや) / お茶旅

Deep steamed sencha from Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture Chawaya Tea for daily drinking 250g x 6 bottles = 1500g (2nd tea rich in catechins)

Deep steamed sencha from Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture Chawaya Tea for daily drinking 250g x 6 bottles = 1500g (2nd tea rich in catechins)


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[If you think about your health, second tea containing catechin is recommended]<br />
The tea we drink every day uses second-tier tea that is picked in June. 2nd tea contains a lot of tea catechins, and is highly recommended as an inexpensive and rich source of catechins that you can consume every day. <br>
This deep-steamed tea is made by steaming tea leaves for a longer period of time than usual, so tea components such as catechins are easily dissolved. What's more, because the astringent catechins are wrapped in steamed and crushed tea leaf tissue, the astringency and unpleasant taste are suppressed, resulting in a green tea with a clean and refreshing flavor. <br />
When extracted, the light blue color is a little yellowish, but it turns out to be a nice green color. <br>
[Health drink rooted in the lifestyle of Japanese people, who have the longest life expectancy in the world]<br>
Kakegawa deep steamed tea contains 10-15% of catechins, a type of plant polyphenol. Green tea is an excellent health drink that is inexpensive and rich in tea catechins. <br> Furthermore, the habit of drinking tea every day is deeply rooted in the daily lives of Japanese people, and research on tea has also been conducted, and many studies have shown its effectiveness. <br>
So you can continue doing it every day without any difficulty! <br>
Would you like to start the healthy habit of just drinking tea, which can be maintained easily and naturally without the need for expensive supplements or health teas? <br>
This tea is grown and produced in Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture, one of Japan's leading tea regions. It is 100% genuine Kakegawa tea with no additives<br>
Sawaya Kimuraen was a tea farm that had been in operation for generations in Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture. In order to be able to deliver the tea that tea farmers have painstakingly made to customers directly without sacrificing its value, we have now closed down our farming business, purchased tea made by producers in Kakegawa City, and started producing tea ourselves. We remanufacture and sell. <br>
Our motto is to live modestly and get sustenance from nature. <br>
We would like to help connect tea farmers and customers by carefully purchasing high-quality tea leaves and delivering them at low prices. <br>
Thank you very much. <br>
<br />
<br />
[How to save]<br />
Our tea comes in packs containing deoxygenated nitrogen to maintain freshness. <br />
For long-term storage, please store in the freezer or refrigerator without opening the seal. <br />
Please drink as soon as possible after opening. Store the amount you will use right away in a tea can at room temperature, and store the rest in the refrigerator with the bag tightly closed, so you can enjoy it until the end. <br />
Product name: Daily drinking tea 300g x 6 bottles<br>
Name: Deep steamed tea<br>
Raw material name: Tea<br>
Contents: 1500g<br>
Origin of raw materials: Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture<br>
Shelf life: 1 year<br>
Manufacturer: Kimuraen Co., Ltd. 2083 Shimotaragi, Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture Phone: 0120-203118<br>
Storage method: Avoid high temperature and humidity, and be careful of the scent. <br>

<font size="-1">[Daily tea is second tea made using deep steaming method]<br>
Everyday tea is made using the deep steaming method. However, the tea leaves used are "second-tier tea". <br>
Compared to ``1st bancha'', 2nd bancha has less moisture in its sprouts and is difficult to steam even if it is deeply steamed, so it does not have the refreshing sweetness of pure deep steamed tea. <br>
However, it contains more catechins than Ichibancha. The main health component of tea is catechin, so if you are concerned about your health, we highly recommend drinking this tea every day. <br />
I think that everyday tea is a very easy-to-drink flavor that combines the bitterness of catechins with the refreshing sweetness of deeply steamed tea. </font><br>
[Delicious way to drink]<br>
You can drink hot water from a regular pot directly into a teapot without cooling it. <br>
Since it is a deep-steamed tea, the teapot is rotated in the middle of brewing to squeeze out every last drop of green tea, allowing you to enjoy the rich green of the new buds even in the refreshing taste. I think so.

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