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茶和家(さわや) / お茶旅

Autumn Bancha from Shizuoka Prefecture 250g x 6 bottles = 1500g (Chawaya Kimuraen)

Autumn Bancha from Shizuoka Prefecture 250g x 6 bottles = 1500g (Chawaya Kimuraen)


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The fourth tea is picked from September to October.
4th bancha is also called autumn bancha.
It is the cheapest sencha.
It is made by picking tea leaves that grow in the hot summer sun, so it is rich in catechins.
Extract for a short time with boiling water and drink.
This tea has a strong bitterness and a refreshing taste.
If you brew it with cold water and leave it in the refrigerator for a long time, you will get a cold brewed bancha that you can easily drink in one gulp.
This class of tea leaves is provided free of charge at cafeterias, or at company cafeterias.

Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture is one of the best cities in Japan, having won the most awards in the deep-steamed tea category in Japan for the ``Production Area Award,'' which is given to the area with the most top prize winners at the National Tea Fair held in Japan every year. It is a tea producing area. <br>
Autumn bancha leaves are grown under strong summer sunlight, so they contain a lot of catechins and have a strong astringent taste. If you want to easily take in catechins, this tea is recommended. <br>
Also, it has less caffeine than sencha. <br>
The recommended way to drink is to pour in a large amount of hot water and let it infuse for about 10 seconds, then extract and drink. <br>Additionally, cold-brewed bancha extracts a component called polysaccharide. Pour a generous amount of water over the tea leaves and let it steep for a few hours before drinking. <br>
Please drink as soon as possible after opening. <br>
Each 250g bag is packed with deoxygenated nitrogen, so when storing it, do not open the seal and store it in a cool, dark place, preferably in the freezer. <br>
After opening, divide the amount you will use up within a week into small tea cans, etc., and store the rest in the refrigerator with the bag tightly closed, so you can enjoy the fresh taste until the end. br>When opening the package, please allow it to return to room temperature before opening to prevent moisture from condensation. <br>
[Health drinks rooted in Japanese life]<br>
Kakegawa autumn bancha contains a lot of catechins, which are a type of plant polyphenol. Tea is a beverage that is inexpensive and provides abundant amounts of tea catechins. <br>
In addition, the habit of drinking it every day is deeply rooted in the Japanese lifestyle. Furthermore, research on tea has been conducted and many studies have shown its effectiveness. <br>
Even if you don't use expensive supplements or health tea, we recommend that you just casually drink Japanese tea every day to maintain your health. <br>
Sawaya Kimuraen was a tea farm that had been in operation for generations in Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture. In order to be able to deliver the tea that tea farmers have painstakingly made to customers directly without sacrificing its value, we have now closed down our farming business, purchased tea made by producers in Kakegawa City, and started producing tea ourselves. We remanufacture and sell. <br>
We would like to help connect tea farmers and customers by carefully purchasing high-quality tea leaves and delivering them at low prices. <br>
Thank you very much. <br>
Name: Autumn bancha<br>
Ingredients: Tea<br>
Origin of raw materials: Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan<br>
Best before date: 365 days<br>
Contents: 1500g<br>
Manufacturer: Kimuraen Co., Ltd. 2083, Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan Phone 0120-203118<br>
Storage method: Avoid high temperature and humidity, store in a cool, dark place<br>
Please drink as soon as possible after opening. <br>
Kakegawa City announced the winner of the production area award.

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