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MiiR Tea Travel Bottle 354ml/12oz Flip Traveler Travel Tumbler

MiiR Tea Travel Bottle 354ml/12oz Flip Traveler Travel Tumbler


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Always with delicious tea
MiiR × Ocha Tabi 354ml/12oz Flip Traveler Travel Tumbler
We have created a bottle with an original Ochatabi design.
[Reasons for choosing MiiR]
- Made of safe and durable 18/8 medical grade stainless steel.
18/8 stainless steel is an expensive stainless steel, but it is a material with excellent performance.
It eliminates the metallic smell of stainless steel bottles, which has been a problem until now, and preserves the natural flavor of your drinks. When you drink this, the drink tastes natural, similar to something that was kept in a ceramic or glass container.
-The spout has a simple flip-type structure, making it easy to clean and maintain hygiene.
- The stainless steel body has a simple structure and a wide mouth, making it easy to reach the bottom with the sponge and making it easy to wash, so you can keep the bottle hygienic.
- Even though the structure of each part is simple, it doesn't feel cheap at all, and it has a high quality construction.
・High insulation and airtightness are maintained.
・In addition, the bottle surface is treated with hard gel powder, making it non-slip and giving it a high-quality appearance.
・Furthermore, MiiR apparently uses a portion of the product price to raise money for donation projects, and they also run projects where you can track usage by registering a donation code after purchase. . We hope that you will participate in the fundraising project after purchasing.
We recommend this bottle as it is simple, high quality, and well thought out to be easy to use as a bottle that you always carry with you.
The 18/8 stainless steel used is quite good stainless steel, so although it is a little expensive, I think it is a good bottle.

Capacity: 12oz/354ml
Weight: Approx. 280gm
Size: Height approx. 16.7cm, diameter approx. 7cm
Construction: Best-in-class Thermo 3D double-wall vacuum insulation eliminates condensation, keeping hot coffee and tea hot and cold drinks cold. Hard shell powder coating increases grip and maintains the product's appearance.
Material: High quality 18/8 medical grade stainless steel is safe and durable and does not transfer taste or leave a metallic aftertaste. All MiiR products are 100% BPA free.
In order to use the product for a long time, we recommend hand washing.
Lid: The insulated travel cap flips for easy drinking and locks when closed to prevent leaks. Not to mention it's also great for keeping drinks hot or cold for longer.
Can be washed in the top shelf of the dishwasher.
Size: Compatible with most cup holders to keep drinks secure and upright.
Products useful for projects: Through the sale of MiiR products, we raise money for donation projects that can track usage. Please register your donation code and participate in this project after purchasing.
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